We have almost 4,000 congregations in the work that we are involved in, however we only have about 350 church buildings. The brethren in India that do not have a building will worship in a member’s home, under a tree, under a tent, or some other temporary structure. These brethren will literally beg for a building. They are willing to do the labor themselves. In America, we take our buildings for granted. We have problems getting people to come sit on padded pews in air-conditioned / heated buildings. However, in India people will walk for miles, sit on the ground or the floor, in the heat, with flies swarming everywhere, and do this for hours because they want to worship God! We can provide these brethren a church building for $4,500. The building will have concrete block walls, concrete floors, metal trusses and roof. Church buildings are greatly appreciated in India!


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